Marin MADE

who we are

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The Team at Marin MADE is a group of aspiring makers, with skills ranging
from video production to machining and welding, and everything in between.




Alec is the man with the plan. Overseeing all our operations, he is the driving force behind the entire
Marin MADE Community. Striving to help others reach their full potential, Alec shapes the Marin MADE
experience through his inclusive and collaborative nature. He designed the shop to give
amazing minds a place to explore what is possible.


Blaine is the Idea Facilitator at Marin MADE. He is a natural coach and cheerleader in one. Blaine has spent a lifetime mastering "The Art of Hands-On" and demonstrates that in his wide range of practical skills. He has a natural ability to tap into the values of others through both personal and professional engagement.
Motorsports and restoration are just two of the things that contribute to
Blaine's easily excitable temperament.




Roger is the Mechanical Specialist at Marin Made. He is a Problem-solving mastermind and finds his success in giving his best efforts in helping others succeed. A 42-year career of hands on artistic and
technical imaginations and solutions makes Roger a world-seasoned practical genius.
He is a motorsport enthusiast and racer. Vroom!


Joe is the brains behind the Marin MADE brand, and its media content. He has a decade of
design and filmmaking experience, and runs multiple successful businesses in both fields.
Joe also directs the CAD and digital manufacturing systems and coursework at the shop.
He brings both expertise and a fresh eye to Marin Made, and is passionate
about using technology to serve those in need.




Phillip is a mason by trade, as well as an accomplished carpenter, plumber, and
part-time electrician with 15 years masonry experience in custom swimming pools.
He enjoys working on his '73 Rolls Royce, and has been known to build jet engines
in his spare time.