Marin MADE




In this introduction to the art of leatherworking, You will use our in-house developed waterjet cut patterns to stitch your own leather laptop bag!
By doing all cutting and punching work beforehand on our state of the art
waterjet cutter, we remove all the frustration and hassle of cutting and
punching the leather by hand, allowing the class to focus on stitching
and finishing work. This allows our students to complete their
first project in a single class session.

Taken the class and have an itch to get more in-depth, maybe with some
hand-punching, mandrel-forming, or other more advanced work?
Keep an eye out for our advanced leatherworking class, starting soon!
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Bring the medeival art of blacksmithing to the table.
We will forge outdoor cooking tools, then use them
in a celebratory barbecue!



Do you have a great idea for a new product, but not
know how to bring it to market? Want to learn how
to make real-world products? Just curious about
what goes into creating the objects
you use every day?

Come take our design classes! You'll work in teams to
solve real-world problems with real-world tools.